Please Help: It's Time our UK Press & Media gave Fairer Coverage to Drivers

Saturday 26th September 2020

UK's drivers need your help.

We are sure, that just like us and millions of others who rely on our vehicles, you believe it's time the media delivered balanced coverage on issues that impact drivers. You've seen the type of biased reporting. A dramatic speech from a reporter, standing in front of vehicle exhausts, attacking drivers they are responsible for climate change. No mention that vehicle emissions have been falling in the UK over the last decade, or that more NOx is emitted in our kitchens boiling a pot of pasta on a gas stove.

PLEASE help us to try and influence TV, radio and newspapers to start giving a more even-handed perspective on your motoring concerns.

Here are some of the issues being ignored by the media, to name just a few..... 

Non vehicle sources of emissions paying their way, unchecked crippling congestion charges, ULEZs, proliferation of cycle lanes, diesel/petrol vehicle sales bans, the true cost of electric vehicles, better fuel solutions, the need to support our essential logistics industry, high taxation, the future of road user taxation, impact on the economy post Covid and lack of any cogent road user transport strategy.

Here's why we need your input.

We all care about the environment and the quality of the air we breathe. Of course, we do! It's not just the domain of the well-financed anti-driver environmental groups. But sadly, much of the media, and with very few exceptions, believe there is only one group to blame for all our environmental ills. UKs 37m drivers!  This can't be right. And if it continues this way, your vehicle will become worthless and we will be forced to adopt unproven, costly and unnecessary transport approaches, formulated by anti driver contempt.

This biased mind-set is underscored by highly paid journalists in many media outlets, particularly at the BBC and similarly at other titles with long standing anti-motorist agendas. Our friendly media contacts, yes in the BBC too, have told us that there is indeed an orchestrated agenda at the highest of editorial levels to denigrate drivers.

We rarely hear from the media, that UK drivers are one of the highest taxed groups anywhere in the world, that they are continually threatened with bans and subject to punitive urban congestion & baseless emission policies rolled out across the UK. These stories are never covered as serious issues impacting on motorists, quite the contrary, anti-car experts are nearly always rolled out to emotively blame drivers as the root cause of every environmental ill.

Petrol & diesel vehicles are only ever highlighted in any story, when the highly financed Green agenda groups dictate that they should be blamed. Usually these stories are baseless, and, in all cases, there is never a impartial view presented from the driver’s perspective. This lack of fair and objective coverage has created a climate of orchestrated demonisation towards drivers across the UK.

The only way to convince Westminster Politicians to develop a ‘fair to all road users’, set of policies, is for the media to present both sides of environmental and driving issues equally and without so much green bias.

SO, we have created an email for you to send to the press and national media listed below. You can choose which media outlet's generic email address whom you wish to target on behalf of yourself, motorists, bikers, van drivers and truckers. All we are asking for, is a more balanced reporting approach to issues that impact on drivers. BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY MUST BE COVERED FAIRLY !!

Please pass this request for help to all you know.

Thanks as ever
Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK
We  also have the support of the Alliance of British Drivers in this initiative


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