Please Email your MP to Ask them to Fight Against Anti-Driver Policies

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Please email your MP to help us fight the continuing anti-driver policies appearing almost on a daily basis. Just enter your postcode below and follow the easy instructions. It's time the voice of drivers, the majority of the electorate, made a real difference to current inept political decision making in Westminster and urban authorities.

The Covid crisis has hit us all. Some tragically, much more than others.
It has hit the economy like an atom bomb and, is set to hit us all in the pocket almost as much. But guess who is likely to pay the most? The world’s already highest taxed and demonised 37 million drivers. Yep, you got it, US!

With our intensive lobbying and pushing the media to cover it, we look as though we have staved off that Treasury leaked potential 5p rise in Fuel Duty. We forced Boris Johnson to come out and say this will not happen on his watch, but he did not rule out maybe, a 2p rise. So, we are continuing to campaign hard, and need your help more than ever.

We even hear there is a move by Tory MPs to bring forward the already unnecessary ban on petrol and diesel vehicles, 5 years earlier, to 2030. This policy was not in the election manifesto, we did not vote for it. It would be a massive betrayal.

Of course, we ALL know we need to buckle down and help rebuild the economy, but there are more fair and practical proven ways to do exactly that, without as per usual hitting the cash cow motorist in the pocket to pick up the pandemic tab.

With the economy in such a fragile state, even Labour’s Leader says it is not the time for tax rises. It is totally the wrong time and will make very little change to the nation’s debt level. We all know higher taxes will hit business and consumer confidence. As always, low income groups and small businesses will be hurt the most and the Nation’s recovery will take another punch.

Anti-driver policies seem never ending. Local authorities, funded by central Government, cluelessly blocking city roads from vehicle access, congestion charge hikes, new ultra-low emission zones, an epidemic of cycle lanes eating into existing roads, as well as environmentalists calling on the Government to make drivers pay more and more. These decisions have been taken without consultation too. All road users should be consulted, not just the political stakeholders, with an emotive green agenda, who don’t even contribute financially to our road’s infrastructure, but have the loudest voice.

We need cool heads at Number 10 and  Number 11, and fair policies that help hard working drivers of Britain. It’s time to leave the madhouse of climate fanatics and return to common sense plans, where the millions of motorists, Britain’s army of workers are ready to drive Britain’s recovery. That’s fair play for all in the UK - and Boris can deliver it for all of us now with your influence.

FairFuel UK fights for the silent majority, that contributes the 5th largest income to the Treasury every year, and needs your help you email your MP. We also have the support of the Alliance of British Drivers in this initiative

We have made it easy for you to email your MP. Here is how to do it.

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