NOW Ask your MP to support diesel drivers



If you have emailed Theresa May..... 

  • Then please let your MP know you have done so, using the email model we have supplied. We have massive support in Westminster and with your pressure too, will help us to get that toxic tax stopped and other more effective ways to lower emissions introduced. We have to make them listen to common sense.


Here is how to contact your MP. We have made it easy for you to email them:




1. Enter you Postcode in the box below to select your local MP - Click on the 'Find Your MP' Button 

2. Scroll down and add your name and address. Remember your MP will not respond unless you are a constituent of theirs. So your address is essential. 

3. Scroll through the example email shown below. Edit, change the content to suit your style or send as shown. 

4. Once you are happy sign the box and press the 'Continue' button