Please Email your MP to Lobby the Chancellor to Ensure our Logistics Industry survives during and after the COVID-19 crisis

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Road hauliers are the key workers that are keeping the economy moving in these extraordinary times. With all of us in Lockdown, where would we be without them? These firms are keeping the nation fed, shop shelves stocked, and thousands of front-line NHS staff supplied with the PPE and the medical products they so desperately need. And that's just a small part of what these logistics businesses and drivers do for all of us, every day and night of the year.

Richard Burnett, CEO of the Road Haulage Association says: "If the economy is to recover from this pandemic, it is important the supply chain is ready as other market sectors rebuild. No-one knows for sure when that will be, but we must make sure that the logistics industry is up and ready to go at short notice."

A recent RHA survey found that 46 percent of the UK truck fleet is not operating, in other words they are parked up costing their businesses a fortune and earning nothing, and 25 percent of drivers are furloughed.

The RHA is one of FairFuelUK's major founding backers, along with the FTA has been instrumental in getting all of us 10 years of fuel duty freezes. It is vital we support their efforts in convincing Government to urgently support hauliers and delivery businesses struggling to survive in the CoVid-19 crisis.

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