Ask your MP to attend an inquiry looking at fairer ways to lower emissions

Please could you ask your MP to attend a highly important inquiry, that after a lot of hard work and lobbying, we have secured to take place in July. It is vital politicians recognise that the already highest taxed drivers in the world, want their elected MP to push for effective ways to lower emissions, instead of them supporting more cash grabs and bans on motorists.

We have made it easy for you to invite your MP to attend the APPG Inquiry, using this template. Please, do this on behalf of 37m UK drivers that pay the exchequer £50 billion each year, and should not pay a penny more to improve air quality. Notably when there are high-quality more effective practical solutions staring this Government in the face

This unique inquiry will challenge the Government as to why they are knowingly snubbing several alternative workable solutions to lower emissions. Instead they are choosing to punish drivers with tax hikes, new ultra-low emission zones and other easy to inflict cash grabs on drivers.

The alternative approaches you can View here that lower vehicle emissions are cost effective, proven to work, even legislated for use elsewhere in the world and are so much fairer to millions of drivers. These innovations will not hit them in the pocket or devalue their vehicles. For a more detailed background to this invitation - click here

Here is how to contact your MP. We have made it easy for you to email them:


1. Enter you Postcode in the box below to select your local MP - Click on the 'Find Your MP' Button

2. Scroll down and add your name and address.Remember your MP will not respond unless you are a constituent of theirs. So your address is essential.

3. Scroll through the example email shown. You can edit, change the subject title and content to suit your style or simply send as shown.

4. Once you are happy sign the box and press the 'Continue' button