Ask your Local General Election Candidates about Fuel Duty Policy etc

Dear FairFuelUK Campaign Supporter.

As a motorist you appreciate the costs of running a car, more than any politician. The government takes about 65% in fuel duty and VAT every time you fill up. And only 18% of the largest tax take in Europe goes back into repairing our roads and those deepening potholes etc. They have also been very lucky due to falling oil prices lowering prices at the pumps, masking the huge tax take.

The award winning FairFuelUK Campaign has learned that Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems will put up fuel duty if in Government, because they feel that pump prices are now low enough to add more tax without much public opposition. Even the Tories and UKIP are only sticking to a freeze in duty till the end of 2015. Not one major Party has written a single paragraph in their election manifestos about  motorists and their justifiable concerns.  It’s time they listened and supported UK’s 32m drivers who make up 70% of the electorate. Please help us in our continuing fight on your behalf by sending an email to your local Candidates standing in the General Election on May 7th. These people may be influencing or not influencing what you will be paying at the pumps in the next 5 years.

Follow the easy process below to send this email. Feel free to change the example email content to suit your own style.

Thank you so much for you help. Please pass on this link to all you know so they can contact their Election Candidates too.

Quentin Willson and Howard Cox

Founders of the FairFuelUK Campaign

Please enter your postcode in the box below, choose from the local election candidates listed that you wish to send your email to, and then send or edit the email shown below the list of candidates to suit your own style. Your contact details will be sent to the Candidate as they will not reply if you are not in their constituency. No other 3rd party will see your details. We recommend that you send your email to all candidates. Let us know how they respond. Thanks Quentin Willson.