Ask the Prime Minister to meet with FairFuelUK on behalf of Diesel Drivers

Please help us to get a meeting with the Prime Minister to help to stop the toxic taxes on diesel drivers

Over 45,000 supporters told us in last week's FairFuelUK survey that Sadiq Khan's unfair tax hike plans for diesel cars have devalued their vehicles by as much as 40%.  That is £35billion lost across all UK’s 11.7m diesel cars. In the same survey 94% of diesel drivers feel demonised, deceived and betrayed. All due to the threat of baseless new additional urban toxic taxes, other potential charges and being unjustly demonised by environmentalists. 

But, it was extremely heartening to hear the Prime Minister declaring her support for millions of pilloried diesel drivers last week. 

All drivers want emissions to be reduced, but to make diesel cars who are responsible for just 11% of London’s NOx emissions pay 100% of the penalties is pathologically immoral and purely a knee jerk cash grab.  The remainder, amounting to nearly 90% is generated by buses, taxis, construction equipment, commercial boilers, ground aviation and trains to name just a few culprits, and they will pay nothing. And more importantly, London’s emissions are falling without the need for tax grabs, as cars and trucks are modernising with time.

So, please can you help to put pressure on the Prime Minister to meet us in person.


Here is how to contact 10 Downing Street. We have made it easy for you to email Theresa May using their on-line contact form:
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