Help us to Convince the Treasury, the Chancellor and the Prime Minister to Cut the Highest Fuel Duty in the World

Sajid Javid promised in his own Tory leadership campaign he would continue the freeze fuel duty in this Parliament. In the last few weeks we’ve heard in the press, following our intensive lobbying, the Treasury are in fact, considering cutting fuel duty. In fact at the Tory Conference, speaking to the SUN, Boris Johnson has hinted there will indeed be a fuel duty cut. This is welcome news but in order to keep up the pressure to reduce the highest fuel duty in the world (see graph as to where the UK sits), we need your help to stop them backing out of this promise.

Fuel Tax Comparisons across the EU
This is how you can help. Please follow the instructions shown below very carefully, to send an email directly to the Treasury, the Chancellor and his Ministerial team plus Boris at No 10 too. We have prepared a suggested email for you to send. It outlines why cutting fuel duty is indeed good for GDP, jobs, investment, consumer spending, inflation and even the environment. There is unequivocal proof that high taxes hit the economy negatively and reduce revenue to the Exchequer. The CEBR have independently shown this to be the case and we've added their honest summary analysis into the suggested email.

You will help UK's 37m drivers by sending this email, an email you can edit to your own writing style if required, and forward to all your friends, colleagues and anyone interested in getting a fairer deal for hard pressed drivers.

Thank you for your support. It really will make a huge difference.

Howard Cox and Quentin Willson
FairFuelUK Campaign

Instructions to email the Treasury, The Chancellor and the Prime Minister:

1. Scroll down and add your name and address. Remember your email will be ignored if you don't have your address completed. So your address is essential to get the email acknowledged.
2. Scroll through the example email shown. You can edit, change the subject title and content to suit your style or simply send as shown.
3. Once you are happy complete the security sum question and then press the 'Send Email' button

  The Treasury Ministerial Team
  The Head of Media at the Treasury
  The Prime Minister

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