Ask your MP to Lobby the New Chancellor to Cut the Excessive Burden of Tax on UK Drivers

If you contact your MP, FairFuelUK is putting more pressure onto the new Chancellor, the Rt. Hon Phillip Hammond MP, to help Britain's 37 million drivers with the widely recognised and positive economic benefits of lower fuel taxation. In order to get the Chancellor to listen and then act, please ask your MP to support the following campaign objectives  ….we have listed them in full  in the example email for you to send... here is a summary...

1. Cut Fuel duty on all fuels by 3p.
2. Reduce VAT on all fuels to 15%.
3. Show Duty and VAT clearly on all fuel purchase receipts.
4. Set up an independent 'OfPump' pricing monitoring body.
5. Introduce more incentives for motorists to move to cleaner fuels.
6. Meet with the FairFuelUK Campaign Team before the Autumn Statement

If you have a Smartphone, it may be easier for you to use the new HearMeMP APP that helps you to Lobby your MP in a few taps. It can be downloaded for an iPhone or Android at this link:   But if you'd still prefer to send a traditional Email to your MP please follow the instructions below:
1. Enter you Postcode in the box below to select your local MP - Click on the 'Find Your MP' Button
2. Scroll down and add your name and address. Remember your MP will not respond unless you are a constituent of theirs. So your address is essential.
3. Scroll through the example email shown below. Edit, change the content to suit your style or send as shown.
4. Once you are happy sign the box and press the 'Continue' button