Get the Transport Minister To See Common Sense

Please Help: Here is your chance to tell the Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps to see sense and stop the roll out of hardly used cycle lanes. Please send the model email message we have put together to the Department of Transport Ministers, to convince them that these road narrowings and blockades were not voted for.

Grant Shapps seems hypnotised by a small minority of ill-informed, politically driven well financed greens, who pathologically hate the motorist. It is simple as that! They are hell-bent on making cars, motorbikes, taxis, vans, and trucks obsolete. Shockingly a Tory Minister is grounding road transport decisions on emotion, not common sense, or any pragmatic data.

Businesses and local communities are being devastated, not by COVID-19, but by myopic local authorities, without any consultation and funded by the Department of Transport, through our taxes. This crushing of our city roads by new, very vacant cycle lanes and road cordons is intensifying congestion, escalating pollution, and horrifically risking lives by delaying emergency services.

Now, a top paramedic warns bike lanes are holding up ambulances in traffic jams - as Grant Shapps hands councils ANOTHER £175m to build more of the barely used routes paralysing Britain.

All this, so that fit well off young cyclists can enjoy their fair-weather pastime at the expense of economic common sense. Covid has been used as a deceitful façade to implement these projects.

An extra £250m, plus that £175m announced last week, which has been spent on these self indulgent projects, at a time of financial crisis, is simply a high-priced idealistic formula for even more congestion and the associated increased pollution that comes from resultant slower moving or stationary vehicles.

This policy is indefensible, with MPs’ constituents across the UK, up in arms at seeing high streets desolated, small businesses ruined, and ambulances obstructed.

We have the support of the many back-bench MPs led by the excellent MP for South Thanet in Kent, Craig Mackinlay.  You can help these common sense driven MPs to convince The Minister to do a U-turn.

Thanks as ever
Howard Cox
Founder of FairFuelUK


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