Please get your Local Candidates in the General Election to tell you where they stand on their political plans for UK Drivers

We have emailed your local party candidates for the General Election to answer 4 very quick questions to tell us, voters and the media, where they truly stand on road user and future cost of motoring issues, if they get elected as your MP.

In each of the 650 UK constituencies, there are between 1,200 to 3,200 supporters of FairFuelUK.

And here is what we do know about each of the main Political Party Plans:

>     The Conservatives have now promised to freeze Fuel Duty, due to our intense lobbying

>     Labour it is rumoured will put Fuel Duty up 16p per litre and divert funds for existing road projects to reduce train fares by 33%

>     The Greens intend to double Fuel Duty, making petrol and diesel close to £2 per litre

>      Lib Dems don't mention Fuel Duty and want to promote cycling and walking and ban the sales of all diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.

>      The Brexit Party will Scrap HS2

So please, enter your postcode below and send the suggested email to remind the local candidates to complete the FairFuelUK survey.

Your email to them will carry more weight to get them to answer the 5 minutes survey. We will publish their responses for you to access asap.

The questions in the survey include:

1. What they believe the Fuel Duty tax should be
2. Opinions on a Fair Pump Pricing transparency watchdog
3. Road Infrastructure investment levels
4. Vehicle Emissions solutions
5. HS2

Just enter your postcode below and the list of your local candidates with an email address will be listed for you to contact using the example message shown. You can edit the message to your style and content.

Thank you for helping millions of motorists. Without your involvement, we'd be facing £1.80p/lit at the pumps

Howard Cox and Quentin Willson