Help us to Convince the Major National Media to Give Fair Coverage to UK's 37m Drivers

At FairFuelUK, all we ask, is for your voice to be covered fairly in our National Media. Nothing more nothing less.

In a recent FairFuelUK supporters poll. 86% (from 71,000 responses) firmly believe the major national media are institutionally biased against motorists, van drivers, bikers and truckers.

A Senior BBC Presenter implied that drivers are not important to our license fee funded public broadcaster. That person said to us: "Problem is, drivers are not really viewed as a lobby group by journos despite most journos being drivers. The Parties don't appear to have any announced policies that would hit drivers in the pocket apart from the move to EVs and the death of the combustion engine - but Brexit, NHS and BoJo and Jezza's personalities are dominating the BBC's agenda."

In point of fact, can you remember the last time, there was motoring consumer programme about cars? A simple magazine styled show, to inform us about which is the cleanest vehicle to drive, the best electric car or to discuss effective ways to improve air quality that are available now. They don’t for example, tell us that the haulage industry has halved its emissions in the last decade and the latest Euro 6 trucks are now massively cleaner than the air quality standards demand.

Habitually, the well-financed Client Earth, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg dominate the media's environmental reports with cars and trucks unjustly condemned for air quality issues and all the green ills on the planet. The BBC in particular, have an intense hatred of reporting any issues that matter to us road users. They never balance the environmental points by talking to driver groups. Motorists never get the right to reply.

In fact, one local BBC network producer, bullied our founder to remove his online tweet that criticised the imbalance of one of the BBC’s reports. We even have evidence that one BBC network have put FairFuelUK on the ‘don’t interview’ list. Yes, there is such a list!

Last week, Boris Johnson, because of our intensive lobbying on your behalf, announced that his Government will continue the 9 years fuel duty freeze into 2020. Despite 75 prominent BBC journalists opening our press release to comment on this great news, the BBC chose not to cover this story anywhere in the UK. Yet, true to form, their 2nd story on the 6'oclock was about Greta Thunberg arriving in Spain for a climate change conference. If that is not imbalance and bias, then what is?

You may want to read some other key headlines from our recent survey, that have not been covered by the National Major media at

Here are a few reports out of thousands, chosen at random that the anti-car national media have not covered:

  • When students prepared spaghetti with tomato sauce over two gas flames for 15 minutes, the indicator jumped to 1,300 micrograms nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre – more than 30 times the threshold limit outside on roads. 
  • According to the London Assembly Environment Committee, gas central heating produces 16% of NOx (some reports set this at 38%), domestic wood burning 12% of PM10s, diesel vans 5% of NOx, rail 8% of NOx, diesel plant and machinery 14% of NOx and ground-based aviation 8% of NOx. Also add shipping, HGVs, industrial combustion, air conditioning and planes to a list of other polluters that get scant mention in the diesel debate.  
  • Martin Hetzel, Medical Director of the Red Cross Hospital, Stuttgart – Germany said: “There is no such thing as a fine particulate disease of the lung or heart, and you don’t come across such a thing as nitrogen dioxide disease of lung or heart in hospital. They don’t exist. Fine particulate matter or NO2 hasn’t caused a single death.
  • The FAIR FUEL APPG, along with Client Earth and the Government share the obligation to lower emissions of toxic pollutants in our urban conurbations, that are generated by vehicle internal combustion engines. BUT it is vital we mustn’t ignore the plethora of other polluting sources too that go unpunished.
  • In addition, while Particulate Matter (PMs) is being blamed for various health problems, authorities such as Transport for London are entirely relaxed about trying to force drivers off the roads and into the London Underground, where PM levels can be 2,900% higher than on busy roads. 
  • It turns out that an electric vehicle is 14 times worse environmentally compared to a hybrid. This is in part, due to the huge environmental footprint of creating an electric vehicle and its batteries.  

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