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Sunday 28th February 2021

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Of course, we ALL know we need to buckle down and help rebuild the economy, but there are fairer ways to do exactly that, without as per usual hitting the cash cow motorist in the pocket to pick up the huge pandemic tab. How much more can motorists take, pandemic rocketing pump prices, opportunistic fuel wholesalers, increasing ULEZ charges, an explosion of LTNs, road blockages, congestion causing cycle lanes and the plethora of anti-driver Government policies including an ill-informed ban on diesel and petrol sales in 9 years?

The Chancellor’s rumoured Budget hike in fuel duty would be the ultimate betrayal to Tory voters, who believed Boris’s pre-election promise that the world’s already highest taxed drivers and hauliers would not suffer any hike in the levy..

FairFuelUK fights for the silent majority, that contributes the 5th largest income to the Treasury every year and needs you to email your MP. We have the support of the RHA, Logistics UK, many back bench MPs, plus the Alliance of British Drivers in calling for the Chancellor to cut Fuel Duty or at the very most, keep it frozen.

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